Important! This feature available for WordPress plugin only.

Targeting allows you to precisely select a specific part of the site where you want to display certain popup. You can reach this functionality through Left Side Menu “Green Popups >> Targeting”.

While creating target you need answer several simple questions: HOW, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE:

  1. Decide HOW the popup must be displayed. By other words you need choose what event will trigger the popup. It can be OnLoad, OnScroll, OnExit, OnInactivity, OnAdblockDetected, ContentStart (inline), ContentEnd (inline) events.
  2. Choose popups that will be displayed for event selected on first step. For better user experience you can choose popups for desktops/laptops and mobiles separately.
  3. Adjust details, periodicity, dates of activity and user roles for the target (if necessary).
  4. Choose part of website WHERE you want to see the popup. It can be posts/pages/products and even any custom post types filtered by any available taxonomies.

    1. All targets are combined into 2 groups: active and passive. Active targets are currently applied to website. Passive are passive. You can easily drag and drop targets from one group to another.

      Active targets can be sorted (use mouse to sort them). The upper target in the group, the higher priority it has. What is priority and why it is necessary? The answer is simple. If certain page match to several targets simultaneously, then target with higher priority will be applied to this page.

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