All popups can be reached through Left Side Menu “Green Popups >> Popups”. Plugin goes with 12 different demos. You can create your own popups or use our Popups Library with over 200 already created items.

List of popups is organized as a table with several columns:

  • Name. The name is used for your own reference. It helps to identify the popup.
  • Preview icon. Click the icon to see how popup looks on website.
  • Slug. Unique slug (ID) of the popup. It is used to call the popup when required.
  • Using icon. Click the icon to see how to use popup on website.
  • Entries. This column shows how many times the popup’s form was submitted.
  • Operations/actions. You can perform several actions for each popup by clicking appropriate item.
    • Edit. Edit the popup.
    • Activate / deactivate. Activate popup to use it. Once deactivated the popup can’t be displayed on website.
    • Duplicate. Create exact copy of the popup.
    • Export popup definition. Create zipped version of popup. Archive includes popup details and images used with popup.
    • Export all records as CSV. You know what it does. 😉
    • Statistics. View popup statistics (impressions, submits, etc.).
    • Reset statistics. Reset popup statistics.
    • Field Analytics. view field analytics.
    • Delete. Remove popup from the list.

At the bottom of the list you can find button “Import popup”. You can use it to import previously exported popups.

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