Users, who submit popup’s form, are stored in local database. Entries in the database contains values of all fields fields as well as some technical information: users IP, user agent, URL where form was submitted, etc. This info can be exported as CSV-file for further analysis, printed or exported into PDF-file. The log can be reached through menu “Green Popups >> Log”.

List of submissions is organized as a table with several columns:

  • ID. The unique ID is used for your own reference. It helps to identify the record.
  • Primary Field. Value of the field chosen as a primary field on Popup Settings window.
  • Secondary Field. Value of the field chosen as a secondary field on Popup Settings window.
  • Popup. Popup name.
  • Amount. This column contains the amount that the user had to pay (if you use this function).
  • Created. Time when record was created.
  • Operations/actions. You can perform several actions for each popup by clicking appropriate item.
    • Details. Record details contain value of fields and some technical info.
    • Transactions. Show payment transactions associated with record.
    • Delete. Remove popup from the list.

If you edit, print or export record into PDF file, just open its details and click relevant icon on details window.

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