Double Opt-In Settings

Double Opt-In Settings

If you want users to confirm submitted data click button on Top Toolbar and select Double Opt-In tab and enable this feature. If enabled, the plugin sends email message with confirmation link to certain email address (submitted by user). When confirmation link clicked, relevant record is marked as “confirmed”.

Double Opt-In tab has the following parameters to configure:

  • Enable. Enable or disable double opt-in.
  • Recipient. The email address to which confirmation link will be sent to.
  • Subject. The subject of the email message.
  • Message. The content of the email message. It is mandatory to include {{confirmation-url}} into content.
  • From. The “From” address and name. The email address and name set here will be shown as the sender of the email.
  • Thanksgiving message. This message is displayed when users successfully confirmed their e-mail addresses.
  • Thanksgiving URL. This is alternate way of thanksgiving message. After confirmation users are redirected to this URL.

Important! This feature is disabled if the form requests users to complete the payment.

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