Confirmation Settings

Confirmation Settings

Confirmation is an action that is executed on front-side when popup successfully submitted. By default it’s just closed.

If you need more specific action, click button on Top Toolbar and select “Confirmations” tab. There you can customize confirmation and use conditional logic. There are several action to select:

  • Close. Close popup.
  • Display Confirmation page. Each popup has Confirmation page where you can include some kind of “Thank you” message. If you choose this option, this special page will be displayed.
  • Display Confirmation page and redirect to certain URL. The same as above, but after specified number of seconds user will be redirected to specific URL.
  • Display Confirmation page and request payment. The same as above, but after specified number of seconds user will be requested to complete payment.
  • Redirect to certain URL. User is redirected to specific URL immediately.
  • Request payment. User is requested to complete payment immediately.
  • Display popup. Open other popup.

You can apply conditional logic to each action. This means that this action will be performed only if the data submitted by the user meets certain criteria.

Important! If several confirmations match form conditions, the first one (higher priority) will be applied. So, you can use mouse to re-order multiple confirmations.

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