Video Events Listener

Video Events Listener

Video Events Listener is an add-on which helps you to raise a popup when video, embedded into website, starts, ends or paused. You can use the add-on with self-hosted videos inserted as <video> tag ([video] shortcode) or/and with videos, hosted on YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia and embedded as <iframe>.

This add-on works with WordPress version of Green Popups only. Download Video Events Listener from CodeCanyon.


  1. Make sure that you have Green Popups 7.00 or higher installed.
  2. Downloads “Video Events Listener” from CodeCanyon, install and activate it as a regular WordPress plugin.
  3. Go to General Settings page and configure plugin under “Video Events Listener Settings” section.
  4. Read next paragraph (FAQ) to know how to use the plugin.


How can I raise certain popup when my video starts, ends or paused?

Wrap video with shortcode: [lepopupvideoevents]...[/lepopupvideoevents]. For certain event such as play, pause or end use the following attributes: play="POPUP1_SLUG", pause="POPUP2_SLUG" or/and end="POPUP3_SLUG".

Example. Imagine that we use YouTube hosted video:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

Now we want to raise popup #1 (with slug: POPUP1_SLUG) when video paused, and popup #2 (with slug: POPUP2_SLUG) when video ended. We need wrap embed code like that:

[lepopupvideoevents pause="POPUP1_ID" end="POPUP2_ID"]
<iframe src=""></iframe>

POPUP1_ID and POPUP2_ID are popup slugs taken form relevant column on Popups page.

What kinds of video can be used with Video Events Listener add-on?

You can use videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia and inserted as iframe as well as self-hosted videos inserted as <video> tag.

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